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Plastic Hangers – High Quality at Low Prices from Bargain Hangers
Here at Bargain Hangers we offer many different types of plastic hangers that our customer can choose from, Jacket & top hangers, children’s and baby hangers, underwear, swimwear and brief hangers, trouser & shirt hangers and tie hangers
Jacket & Top Hangers
Bargain Hangers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of jacket hangers. We have selected a diverse range of top and jacket hangers for our customers to choose from. Our most popular jacket hangers include, jacket hangers, jacket hanger with bar, multi-purpose hanger, sportswear hangers, suit hangers, shirt hangers, knitwear hangers, dress hangers and our top hangers.
Children’s and Baby Hangers
Bargain Hangers is one of UK and Irelands leading manufacturer and suppliers of children and baby hangers. With our supply of hangers, we have a diverse range of children and baby hangers for our customers to choose from. Some of our most popular children and baby hangers include our trouser and skirt hangers, top hangers, frame hangers and the children and baby suit hangers.
Underwear, Swimwear and Brief Hangers.
Bargain Hangers is one of UK and Irelands leading manufacturer and suppliers of underwear, swimwear and brief hangers. When Bargain Hangers company was set up, it had one purpose, to provide the best solution for all your hanging needs. Our collections are created with form and function in mind combining the beauty of the finest materials with the solutions you need.
Trouser & Skirt Hangers
Looking for high quality hangers? Well Bargain Hangers is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of trouser and skirt hangers. Our wide selection of trouser and skirt hangers comes in a variety of colours and features at unbeatable prices. All of our trouser and skirt hangers can be used to hang different types of clothes ranging from hanging skirts, children trousers, men and women trousers, leggings, elasticated waists and strapless dresses.
Tie Hangers.
Bargain Hangers is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality tie hangers in UK and Ireland. All of our tie hangers come in one colour black and feature at unbeatable prices. Here at Bargain Hangers we have a wide selection of tie hangers for our customers to choose from. With our tie hangers you can also use them to not just to hang your ties but a range of different items, like dogs and cats collars, dog leads, loose ribbons, men and women’s belts and socks.